It’s easy to get taken advantage of when you’re working with a service provider of any type. For example, one car mechanic may honestly tell you what you do or don’t need to have repaired, while another may try to get to you to pay for work that’s unnecessary.

The same can be true for IT service providers in Charlotte and throughout the country. Some will be honest about their all-inclusive IT plans for a flat fee (like we offer) and others can nickel-and-dime you with add-on costs that, unbeknownst to you, “aren’t included in your plan.”

Paying more than you need to for technology support can seriously cut into your bottom line. Yet, it’s often hard for businesses to know when they’re being overcharged.

IT support and the security and business continuity it provides has become a vital part of any business operation. The global managed services market is expected to grow by 90% between 2017 and 2023 to $296 billion, which is reflection of how much businesses rely on IT service support.

But, how do you know if you’re getting a good deal or if you’re being taken advantage of by an IT provider?

We’re got several warning signs below that can alert you to the fact that you’re being overcharged by your tech support company.

Warning Signs You’re Being Charged Too Much for Tech Support

Do you get an unpleasant surprise whenever you see your managed services bill due to unexpected add-on charges? That’s just one sign that you’re not with the right IT provider.

Good IT providers won’t overcharge you. They’ll see themselves as an arm of your business, working to get you the best value from your technology infrastructure rather than just seeing you as a dollar figure.

If you see one of the warning signs below, there is a good chance you’re being overcharged and taken advantage of, and you may want to seek out another provider.

Problems Happen That Shouldn’t

The purpose of managed IT services is to proactively manage your network and devices to ward off any potential issues. This can include everything from replacing hard drives that show signs of failing before they crash to ensuring all devices receive timely updates for security.

If you are seeing things happen that should’ve been avoided, such as a hard drive crash on an older device that had been acting up for several months, that’s a sign that your IT provider is charging you for proactive service but not actually doing it.

Unexpected Charges

Having a flat-rate managed services plan is a way to control your IT expenses so you’re not hit with unexpected bills and instead have a predictable monthly cost. But if you’re getting additional costs added on for services your MSP tells you aren’t included, that’s a sign that you’re being taken advantage of.

Make sure to get in writing exactly what is covered in a managed services plan up front and challenge any unfair charges. Better yet, switch to a provider that doesn’t play the “nickel-and-dime” game.

Complicated Jargon is Thrown at You

A good technology provider that is truly working to help your company take full advantage of your technology isn’t going to hide behind complicated tech jargon. They’ll be up front and explain their recommendations clearly in plain language along with pros and cons, giving you the information that you need to make an informed decision.

Companies that are just out to sell you whatever they can, will tend to make the explanation very complicated and difficult to understand so you will just trust them without really knowing all the facts.

Support Availability is Limited

Is your IT provider available when you need them? Do you have to pay extra if they come out after 5PM? Charging you for “after hours” availability is another way that you can see higher bills than expected and be overcharged by an IT provider.

Here at IP Technologies, we help Charlotte businesses regardless of the time of day or even if it’s a holiday. Our plans include predictable flat-rate costs 24/7, so you don’t have to wonder if you’re going to get hit with a big charge if you need help on a weekend.

They Don’t Have Tailored Plans

If your IT provider just has one or two plans to choose from without the ability to remove services you don’t need or add those you do, you can easily end up paying for things that don’t exactly fit your business IT requirements.

You want to go with a provider that will tailor their IT package to your distinct needs, both budgetary needs and business technology needs.

Get an Affordable & Completely Customized Plan with IP Technologies!

If you’re looking for an IT provider that will treat you right and not hit you with shocking overcharges, we’re here for you! IP Technologies offers IT plans that are 100% customizable and our flat-rate fee covers everything you need done.

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